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Potsdam City Tour

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Various Tours from Berlin and Potsdam
Discover the Region’s Soviet Past with an Authentic Vehicle


KGB remand prison Potsdam

In the Forbidden City (Private Potsdam Tour)

Learn more about the fascinating Soviet secrets of Potsdam. Hear about the Allies’ Potsdam Conference in the summer of 1945, the KGB activities in Soviet Potsdam, the life in the Forbidden City and the world-famous Bridge of Spies.

2,5-hour walking tour through the once Forbidden City
Price: from 139 € per group


Big Three Potsdam Conference 1945

Private Walking Tour Potsdam – Through Red Potsdam (3.5 hours)

Private walking tour about the Allies’ Potsdam Conference in the summer of 1945, the Soviet Intelligence Service in Soviet Potsdam, and the well-known Cold War town of Potsdam with the Berlin Wall and the famous Bridge of Spies.

3,5-hour walking tour through Potsdam
Price: from 179 € per group


Soviet War Memorial Berlin Tiergarten

Behind the Iron Curtain – Private Berlin Walking Tour

Private walking tour: Learn more about the end of the Third Reich in Berlin, the establishment of the Soviet Occupation, the Cold War in Berlin, the Berlin Wall, and life behind the Iron Curtain.

3,5-hour walking tour through the city center of Berlin
Price: from 189 € per group


Palace Babelsberg park

Discover the Amazing History of Babelsberg Park (private)

Learn more about the amazing history of UNESCO world heritage site Babelsberg Park. In this tour you will hear about the 1945 Potsdam conference, the Berlin Wall, escape attemps, the world-famous Bridge of Spies and many more exciting things.

1,5-hour walking tour through Babelsberg Park
Price: from 99 € per group


Soviet Berlin compact (private)

Private walking tour: Learn more about the final battle for Berlin, the Cold War, the stationing of Soviet troops in Germany, and the influence of the Soviet Union on everyday life in the GDR.

2-hour walking tour through Berlin’s center
Price: from 149 € per group


Berlin Wall

Individual Tailor-Made Tours

You can also get a perfectly tailor-made tour – matched to your wishes and needs. No matter whether Berlin, Potsdam or the surrounding area – everything is possible, everything is exciting! It is also possible to do the tour with your own vehicle.


Bridge of spies

Potsdam by Bicycle – Guided Bike Tour through Potsdam

Enjoy a guided bicycle tour through Potsdam led by a local guide. Learn more about the Prussian heritage, WWII, the Cold War and the Berlin Wall in this fascinating, historical town.

3-hours or 4-hours bike tour through the Potsdam
Price: from 179 € per group