Potsdam by Bicycle – Guided Bike Tour through Potsdam

Discover Potsdam by bike! The bike tour leads mainly - but not only - into the recent past of the city!

The guided bike tour through Potsdam starts at the train station "Griebnitzsee" (or Potsdam Central Station). In the immediate vicinity begins the villa district Neu-Babelsberg at Griebnitzsee, which was completely evacuated after the end of World War II in 1945 to accommodate the delegations for the Potsdam Conference. At the former "Little White House", the residence of U.S. President Harry S. Truman, we learn what this place has to do with the atomic bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Passing the former "Churchill Villa", where the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill lived, the bike tour continues to the house that went down in history as the "Stalin Villa", as the Soviet head of state Josef Stalin was housed here. At the UNESCO World Heritage Park Babelsberg we cross the park bridge into the former GDR enclave "Klein Glienicke", which was already on West Berlin territory and completely walled in. One of the topics here is what everyday life was like for the residents in the shadow of the Berlin Wall.

Along the former wall strip we cycle on the wall way for a short moment into the former West Berlin that ended again at the Glienicker bridge. The bridge to Potsdam became world famous as the "Bridge of Spies". The former border crossing between East and West is a symbol of the Cold War. We follow the former Wall strip into the UNESCO World Heritage Park "New Garden". This is where the "Potsdam Conference" took place in the summer of 1945 at Cecilienhof Palace.

Afterwards we make a short detour to the former KGB secret service town. In addition to the imposing former KGB headquarters, a former remand prison of the Soviet secret service was located here.

The Alexandrowka colony with its Russian wooden houses from the 19th century testifies to the fact that German-Russian relations go back much further and did not just emerge in the Soviet era.

The bike tour through Potsdam now leads towards the city center through districts that were once characterized mainly by Soviet barracks. Here we discover the last traces of their presence.

At the UNESCO World Heritage Park Sanssouci we make a short detour to Sanssouci Palace, the favored palace of the Prussian King Frederick the Great as well as the New Palace, the second large palace complex in Sanssouci.

Back in the city center we will go to the central Bassinplatz, which is located between the Dutch Quarter and the former French Quarter. In the middle of the square you will find the Soviet War Cemetery, a testimony of the time after the Second World War.

Finally, the bike tour through Potsdam leads - depending on the arrangement - back to the S-Bahn station Griebnitzsee or Potsdam Central Station.

The entire bike tour has a length of about 20 kilometers. The route is flexible and can be arranged individually. If you would rather do a shorter 3-hours bike tour (11 kilometer), please contact us!

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Meeting point:

S-Bahn station Griebnitzsee, exit Rudolf-Breitscheid-Straße. On request, the tour can also start at another location, e.g. hotel or Central Station.

End point:

Starting point


Approx. 4 hours, about 20 kilometers of route - individual arrangements are possible!

The tour will of course take place in any weather. Please remember to bring adequate clothing and water.


1-4 persons = 179,00 €

5-7 persons = 199,00 €

8-10 persons = 219,00 €

11-15 persons = 249,00 €

16-20 persons = 269,00 €

In addition to the guide costs, there are the rental fees for the bicycles if you do not have your own wheels. The rental bikes are rented from the local bike rental (14 €/day or 12 € reduced) and are roadworthy. We can make the reservation for you. If you have any questions, please contact us.



What you can expect:


+ a private guided bike tour exclusively for you

+ a friendly, local and certified guide

+ an exciting tour through Potsdam from the specialist for tours on Soviet history in the region

+ an extraordinary overview of Potsdam, the most famous sights and hidden highlights

+ a booking confirmation by email with further information


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