Frequently Asked Questions

Can we bring a dog or other pets?

Dogs are allowed a long as they do not disturb or interfere with the tour and other participants. Bring a leash and, for bigger dogs, a muzzle, as we also use public transport. If you are planning to bring a dog, it is always best to contact us in advance.

Can I pay in cash?

In exceptional cases you can pay on the spot in cash. Please contact us by email.

What if the weather is extremely bad?

The tours take place in any weather. The participants are asked to dress appropriately. The tour can be terminated prematurely in the case of extreme weather conditions that endangers the participants (see GTC).

I am on the road with the tour and urgently need to go to the toilet....

During our public tours, we have a short break about halfway into the tour, where a toilet can be found. In the meantime, of course, everyone is free to visit a toilet. In this case, however, the group cannot wait and it is the client's responsibility to rejoin the group.

In the case of individually agreed private tours, we can, of course, always agree on breaks if they are needed.

Are the tours suitable for people with walking difficulties?

Our tours are unfortunately not suitable for people with mobility problems. We will walk several kilometers on foot through the city. However, after consulting with you, we can organize individual tours suitable for people with disabilities.

Why the name?

The name "Berlins Taiga" intends to establish both a regional reference (Berlin) and a symbolic one (Taiga). Our tours do, of course, not take place in the Taiga. The Taiga is the huge forest belt of the northern hemisphere. Most importantly, however, it is a symbol for Russia and the former Soviet Union. The name "Berlins Taiga" therefore stands for places in the region with a Soviet history or influenced by Soviet history. From the end of World War II in 1945 to the final withdrawal of the Russian army from Germany in 1994, the region had almost 50 years of Soviet history.

In addition, the name will symbolize the distinct center-periphery relationship of the Berlin-Brandenburg region. The name "Berlins Taiga" therefore also applies to the rural and sparsely populated Brandenburg countryside, which is definitely worth exploring.

What are the bank details?

To make it short:

Holger Raschke/Berlins Taiga

Ethik Bank (Volksbank Eisenberg)

IBAN: DE70 8309 4495 0003 3576 60


Paypal: info@berlinstaiga.de