SOVIET WAR MEMORIAL Treptower Park (Private Walking Tour)

From the Triumph Arch on Puschkinallee starts this special private Berlin walking tour. The massive Triumph Arch forms the entrance area to the sprawling Soviet Memorial in Berlin-Treptow. From here, a shaded avenue leads to "Mother Homeland", a statue symbolizing a grieving mother.

Here begins the core area of the impressive memorial complex, which extends over 100,000 square meters. The center of the complex is entered through a large portal formed by two huge lowered flags. At the end of the main axis, the colossal bronze statue of "The Liberator" rises on a mound, which is probably the most prominent symbol of the Soviet Memorial.

The Soviet Memorial in Treptower Park is not only one of the largest monuments to World War II, but also a war gravesite for thousands of Soviet soldiers who fell in the "Battle for Berlin".

During this guided tour of the Soviet Memorial in Treptow Park, guests will learn a lot of interesting facts about the background and history of the site's creation. With a mixture of anecdotes and historical facts, this tour allows you to intensively experience and get to know the Treptow Memorial.


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At the entrance portal to the Soviet War Memorial (Triumphal Arch) Puschkinallee, 12435 Berlin (Coordinates: 52.489997, 13.468288)


Soviet War Memorial


approx.1 hour,
The tour takes place in any weather. Please think of adequate clothing.


1-4 persons = 120,00 €

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